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Phoenix Fire - Ancient Legend's Fire Bird

Phoenix Fire - Ancient Legend's Fire Bird


      April's collection is inspired by the Phoenix - the mysterious and magical bird of fire from ancient legend. The lore surrounding this majestic creature has roots in several ancient cultures including Egyptian, Arabian, and Greek. With many legendary creatures, there are several tellings of the Phoenix's story and attributes depending on which culture is telling its story, but it is generally consistent in the fact that the Phoenix represents a cycle of life and death and is a symbol for rebirth and regeneration. It is for this fact that I felt like the Phoenix would be a good theme for the Springtime when everything is blooming and becoming new again after Winter. 

     It is said that there can only ever be one Phoenix alive at a time, and its lifespan is a hundred to thousands of years. Upon the time of its death, it will set its self and nest on fire and a new Phoenix will rise again from its ashes. Its nest was said to be made from Myrrh, Frankincense, and Cinnamon. The physical description varies a little between having bold, red feathers, to feathers of complete gold, as shiny and vibrant as the sun. Perhaps my favorite feature, is that its tears were believed to have complete healing powers.

      Pulling from the color palette of this fiery bird and its ashes, the stones used for this collection will include: Pyrite in Red Agate, Carnelian, Sunstone, yellow Dendritic Agate, Galaxy Opal, orange Labradorite, red Lodolite, Hypersthene, Black Onyx, Golden Onyx, Golden Sapphire, Fossil Palm Root, and Moonstone. 

All 50+ pieces will be available on Sunday April 25th at 7pm EST - Get early access at 6:30pm if you're on the email list (join from homepage). 

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