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Jewelry FAQ
What process do you use?
Copper electroforming.
What is Electroforming???

Short answer: Electroforming is method of metalworking which uses an electrical current to manipulate and transfer pure copper particles from one source to conductive parts of jewelry.

Really long answer: I first create a jewelry piece by connecting parts (crystals, stones, metal parts, etc) with a permanent, two part hard clay. After the clay is hardened (24 hrs), I use a removable, latex-based coating to cover and protect all stones/crystals. After the coating has cured, I use a special handmade paint which is electrically conductive to paint all areas on the piece where I desire copper to grow. Once these steps are completed, the jewelry piece will be dangled into an acid solution - this solution also contains a piece of pure copper. An electrical rectifier is used to clamp onto the jewelry piece and onto the copper source to transfer particles onto the piece - the copper will grow on the painted areas of the piece!

How Long Does it Take to Make a Piece?

It all depends on the size and details, but on average probably between 12 and 36 hours :)

How do I Take Care of my Jewelry?

Please click HERE to read the care tips.


I currently work with the AfterPay program to take payment plans on orders over $35. You can select this option at checkout.

Reserves aren't accepted on "special collection" pieces before they are made available to keep it fair for others who may be waiting for a certain piece. 

Will Copper Turn My Skin Green?

Maybe! Maybe not! 

All of my pieces have gone through a special sealing process where I have applied a clear coating on the finished metal. This is usually enough to prevent skin marks on most people, however it is still possible that you may have a reaction. Any discolorations are harmless and wash away easily. It is more typical of rings than necklaces.

Color change due to contact with copper is typically indicative of an acid body- drinking more water and having a more balance diet will help!

You can also paint the inside of ring bands with clear nail polish if the clear coat begins to wear away :)

What are the Benefits of Copper?

Copper is a wonderful and natural metal that has been used (and even preferred) in jewelry for ages. It is an element which is conductive and high vibration. It was believed in ancient times that wearing copper jewelry allows your skin to absorb beneficial minerals which can help fight inflammation, pain, and stiffness, though these statements are not necessarily supported by all doctors today.