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  • copper electroformed crystal points with opals, amethyst, and labradorite.

    Jewels for the Ancient Soul

    modern crystal relics

  • Jewels for the Dreamer

    inspired by fantasy

  • handmade copper electroformed rainbow moonstone ring.

    Jewels for the Adventurer

    to remind you of your journey

  • Unpolished Beauty

    Raw Crystal Rings

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Inspired Design

Drawing inspiration from designer Emily’s past experiences as an archaeologist, our jewelry incorporates symbolism from the worlds of ancient history, fantasy, mythology, and science to create wearable art which is alive with meaning to represent the inner magic of the wearer.

Individually Chosen

Each stone is painstakingly hand chosen to meet high standards of quality, uniqueness, rareness, color, and individuality.

Gems are sourced through a select few trusted, professional lapidary artists and hand sifted at industry gem and mineral conventions.

Quality Materials

Only the best specimens are chosen through the sourcing process. Polished pieces are inspected to be chip-free, stones are checked for ideal color and rare, unique, or beautiful characteristics.

Chains are high quality and are strong to support the weight of heavier pieces.


Each piece is as unique as the wearer. Almost all pieces are completely one of a kind due to design, stone selection, color, and the unique metal forming process.

Even if the design is replicated, small differences will be present.


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Join Us in The Realm

You'll get an exclusive look at special collections, a monthly discount code, and awesome info.