About the Artist

Emily, the artist, designer, and owner of Realm and Reason has a BA in Anthropology from West Chester University and has done work as a professional archaeologist before beginning Realm and Reason in 2016. Influences from her past in the field can be seen throughout her work.

Tell us about Realm & Reason.

Realm and Reason jewelry is inspired by fantasy and ancient lore. It is designed to highlight the raw, organic beauty of rocks and minerals. All crystals used, unless otherwise stated, are 100% natural and of the earth. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind. Realm and Reason is a brand that uses the essences of fantasy, archeology, mythology, and the unknown. Each piece is meant to invoke a sense of wonder, awe, and a belief in hidden worlds.

What motivated you to start doing this type of work? 

I love rocks and minerals and have a huge collection - I also love fantasy and mythology, so the creation of these unique jewelry pieces allows me to channel that aesthetic into something wearable and modern. I love being able to help my customers feel like they are adorning themselves with ancient, mystical heirlooms.