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About the Artist

About Realm & Reason:

If you are anything like me, you are probably a daydreamer at heart with a passion for mystery and adventure, and are always looking for the magic in every day life. 

This is exactly what Realm and Reason helps you do- Our jewelry pieces have continued to adorn their wearers with modern magic since 2017. Drawing inspiration from designer Emily’s past experiences as an archaeologist, our jewelry incorporates symbolism from the worlds of ancient history, fantasy, mythology, and science to create wearable art which is alive with meaning to represent the inner magic of the wearer. Realm and Reason compliments your bold and somewhat unconventional approach to life by exploring the ancient lore of our previous worlds to remind you of the thrill of the unknown and encourage you to become your true self.


About the Designer:

Hi, I’m Emily, chief designer for Realm & Reason.

My mother named me Emily for Emily Dickinson who said, “Dwell in possibility.” Well, mom picked the right name because possibility is what life is all about in my opinion. I’m always daydreaming and asking questions and asking why. Does this sound like you? Are you one of those people that looks into the stars and wonders what they’re all about? Ever since I was a kid, an interesting rock formation would fill me with wonder. I loved to make up stories. My imagination was and still is my favorite toy. Maybe it’s yours also. My imagination eventually took me through formal training to become an archaeologist. I have experienced the joy, wonder, and excitement of discovery. I would bet that you are imaginative also and always on the lookout for those little things in life that spark your sense of possibility. As a designer, my craft reflects this sense of wonder and always asks the question, what is possible? Everyone who looks at a crystal sees something different—they’re multi-faceted, just like you. Realm & Reason specializes in creating jewelry that is as unique as you - each piece an original. I might pair a rustic quartz point with a polished Ethiopian Opal because we know that often in life things that seem disparate often complement each other the best . People like us understand the importance of the past but want to embrace what’s modern too. I have created designs that touch the spirt of the ancient with a modern twist with an attention to detail, because as dreamers like us know, the beauty is in the details.

I remember flipping through a large, colorful, glossy book about ancient Egypt and seeing their incredible golden jewelry. As my fingers would lightly brush the images, I felt a bit of their magic. It is the remembrance of this feeling which inspired me to create contemporary relics to wear and remind you of your journey.

If like me you are intrigued by the magic of our past, or if the secret worlds inside of crystals fill you with wonder, then a one of a kind design by me is meant for you. Our daydreams are the language of true selves, and my designs will help you stay inside of them just a little longer.