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Light of the Fae - Faeries of the Air in Myth & Legend

electroformed crystal necklaces inspired by fairies. Rainbow Moonstone and Kunzite fairy necklaces.

March's collection is titled The Light of the Fae, and is inspired by ancient myth's Faefolk, specifically those who's dominion is in the air.

     There are many types of Faeries throughout the legends of various cultures. Though the Fae are perhaps most often thought of through the lens of Celtic lore, the Light Fae were a 16th century Swiss creation. Named the Sylph, they were originally constructed as air elementals or spirits, but have since become accepted into the realm of Fae. The Sylph live high in the air or around mountain peaks, floating about as they please and controlling the winds. They were said to have been rarely seen, due to their airy, almost transparent appearance, but noted as having angular features and feathery, wispy wings. Though mostly unseen, they were often heard or felt as their voices traveled on the breeze.

     The collection uses a color palette that is light and airy, featuring stones like White Scolecite, Rainbow Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Purple Labradorite, Kunzite, Charoite, Phantom Quartz, Pink Opal, Gem Lepidolite, Faerie Cross Stone, and Amethyst. I have created a new cluster bib design with a unique shape representing the angular wings and features of the Sylph.

The 50+ piece collection will be available 3/28 at 7pm EST (6:30 if you're on the email list - join from the homepage or popup).

Illustration on the left is by C. E. Brock - 1870-1938



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