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Goddesses of the Forest: The Dryads

Goddesses of the Forest: The Dryads

Goddesses of the Forest: The Dryads

     May’s theme collection is inspired by the legendary tree spirits from Greek Mythology: the Dryads. The Dryads were seen as guardians of the trees, forest, and animals which lived there. Some Dryads were bound to the trees, as if they were part of the trees themselves, but others were able to leave the safety of the tree to dance in the forest as they pleased, and when they would take on this humanoid form they were always female, thus seen as the goddesses of the forest. There were a few different types of Dryads depending on which variety of tree they called home - Oak, Ash, Poplar, Laurel, or Fruit Trees, among others. 

    They were shy beings, most often hiding away from sight of the Gods and humans alike, though one God in particular found friendship among the Dryads - Atremis, the Goddess of hunting, who loved to run through the forest. She would keep them safe from the outside world while they provided her with company and friendship, and aid in her hunting.

     The Dryads had limited powers, but possessed plant and nature magic to help the plants and forest thrive. They were so entwined with the trees that more often than not, if the tree would perish the dryad would die along with it. Dryads were certainly not immortals, but just like trees they had an extremely long lifespan. 

     This collection takes a color palette from my vision of an ancient forest scape, old and wise and thick with magic. Stones used will be Septarian like sprawling roots and branches, Moss agate like lichen covered rocks, Malachite for lush leaves and vegetation, Opal Fossil Wood, shining Marcasite for Artemis’ metal arrows, and various stones with rich forest coloring along with a little bit of Kunzite for femininity. 

Available 5/30/21 at 7pm EST (6:30 if you're on the email list, join from home page).

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