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Returns / Shipping

All Realm and Reason jewelry is handmade and one-of-a-kind. All sales are considered final unless there are extenuating circumstances. Buyer is responsible for the wear and tear of their item - please keep in mind that most crystal specimens are one-of-a-kind and cannot be repaired/replaced. Please be sure to read the care information below.

Please email me at to discuss returns.

No returns will be given for custom items, gift cards, international orders, or sale items. Please know your ring size before purchasing rings.

Jewelry is shipped via USPS 1- 3 business days after purchase UNLESS you purchase during a big launch, it can take up to 7 days to ship. Realm and Reason is not responsible for the item after it is picked up by USPS. If you receive a damaged item from shipping, save the shipping box and all packing material and email me right away so we can figure out what to do.

International Orders: Buyer is responsible for any customs/import fees. Tracking does not always continue after the item has left the USA - this is out of my control. No returns on international orders.

Care Instructions / Tips:

Some pieces of crystal jewelry (especially larger, heavier, or more delicate pieces) require a little more consideration when wearing. Please keep in mind that Realm and Reason jewelry is not costume jewelry and should be worn with love and care. When purchasing Realm and Reason jewelry you are getting a super special, one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art featuring beautiful, genuine stones or crystals from Mother Earth, and when care is taken, they are suitable for daily wear. 

Things to keep in mind:

- Do not sleep in your piece. 

- Remove jewelry before bathing, showering, swimming, washing hands, etc. Prolonged/repeated contact with water or chemicals (soap, lotion, etc) may cause oxidation of the metal. AND some crystals/stones are not suited to water and may begin to wear away with repeated exposure.

- Be mindful to avoid dropping or knocking your piece.

- ANTLER jewelry: The antlers I use are NOT safe for dogs - please keep your antler jewelry stored in a place where your dog can't get to it.

- Realm & Reason jewelry is not intended for use by children. Some crystals may be sharp or pose a choking hazard. Keep stored away from children.

- If you purchases a heavier or chunky piece, or a piece with crystal points or sharp edges, please be mindful of this! Maybe don't give someone a running hug if you are wearing a pointy crystal cluster :)

- Please know your ring size before purchasing rings. If you do not know, there are several simple ways to measure - please research it or ask me for help. 


Q: What metal is it?

A: Copper

Q: What process do you use?

A: Copper electroforming.

Q: What is Electroforming???

A: Short answer: Electroforming is method of metalworking which uses an electrical current to manipulate and transfer pure copper particles from one source to conductive parts of jewelry.

Really long answer: I first create a jewelry piece by connecting parts (crystals, stones, metal parts, etc) with a permanent, two part hard clay. After the clay is hardened (24 hrs), I use a removable, latex-based coating to cover and protect all stones/crystals. After the coating has cured, I use a special handmade paint which is electrically conductive to paint all areas on the piece where I desire copper to grow. Once these steps are completed, the jewelry piece will be dangled into an acid solution - this solution also contains a piece of pure copper. An electrical rectifier is used to clamp onto the jewelry piece and onto the copper source to transfer particles onto the piece - the copper will grow on the painted areas of the piece!

Q: How Long Does it Take to Make a Piece?

A: It all depends on the size and details, but on average probably between 12 and 36 hours :)

Q: How do I Take Care of my Jewelry?

A: Read the care information in the above paragraph.


A: I currently work with the AfterPay program to take payment plans on orders over $35. You can select this option at checkout. Read more about AfterPay on their website.

Reserves aren't accepted on "special collection" pieces before they are made available to keep it fair for others who may be waiting for a certain piece. If you see something I am working on on Instagram you may DM me to inquire about whether or not it is reservable or available for pre sale.

Q: I Need a Different Chain Length???

A: All of my listings state to include a note with checkout to let me know if you'd like a different length. If you forget to leave a note you may also email me right away - sometimes I ship same day, so please make sure to contact me asap. I check my emails right before packing orders.

Please note - offering the option of a custom chain change is a FREE service that I offer with all of my pieces at the time of checkout. If you receive your necklace and THEN decide you want the chain changed, I can either show you exactly how to do it yourself or you may send it back to me. If you are sending it back to me you are responsible for all shipping charges involved in the transaction and I am not responsible for anything that could happen with the mail.

If you are unsure of what length you'd like, please see the measurements which I provide for every necklace. You can get a string to lay around your neck and then measure the string for length, keeping in mind the length of the pendant which will hang from it.

Q: Do You Offer Custom Orders?

A: Sometimes! If you are interested in a custom order please contact me either through email or Instagram DM. Things to keep in mind regarding the way I do custom orders:

- I do not do custom rings. Because of the nature of the electroforming process, it is hard to get an exact size. This requires constant attention to the ring as it is growing copper, and often times I am not around the piece while it is forming.

- I will not use your own stones. Custom orders will be made using the stones which I already have or know I can source.

- I will not recreate another artist's specific design nor will I create something that is not in my style.

- It is easiest for me if you show me one or more of my previous designs which you really like, for me to either recreate or draw inspiration from. You may suggest the design, stones, colors, size, etc. Please trust that if you love my art you will be satisfied with what I create for you.

- I will be in contact through the process to confirm price, stone choice and design choice, progress, etc.

- There is a minimum order of $100 for any custom order. A non-refundable $50 deposit is required before creation starts. The rest of the cost is due within 7 days completion of the piece. If you cannot pay the balance or decide you don't want the piece, I will place the piece for sale to the public. Please be sure to be in communication about payment issues etc. 

- Timeframe for custom orders will vary and may be from 1 week to 1 month, depending on work load, design, if I have to purchase stones, etc. We will agree on this before payment. 

- I might not always take on custom orders but please ask me if you are interested!

Q: Will Copper Turn My Skin Green?

A: Maybe! Maybe not! 

All of my pieces have gone through a special sealing process where I have applied a clear coating on the finished metal. This is usually enough to prevent skin marks on most people, however it is still possible that you may have a reaction. Any discolorations are harmless and wash away easily. It is more typical of rings than necklaces.

Color change due to contact with copper is typically indicative of an acid body- drinking more water and having a more balance diet will help! 

You can also paint the inside of ring bands with clear nail polish if the clear coat begins to wear away :)

Q: What are the Benefits of Copper?

A: Copper is a wonderful and natural metal that has been used (and even preferred) in jewelry for ages. It is an element which is conductive and high vibration. It was believed in ancient times that wearing copper jewelry allows your skin to absorb beneficial minerals which can help fight inflammation, pain, and stiffness, though these statements are not necessarily supported by all doctors today.