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Kelpie - The Supernatural Water Horse

Three fantasy style crystal necklaces inspired by the Scottish myth of the Kelpie

     June’s jewelry collection is inspire by the Kelpie - a supernatural water horse from Scottish myth. 

     The Kelpies were believed to haunt the lochs and other bodies of water all around Scotland. Their physical description varies from being a beautiful, strong black or white horse to a horse with a more frightening, zombie-like appearance. They were also master shape-shifters, and could transform into a human if they wanted to. 

     If seen in its horse form, legend says that the human gazing upon the Kelpie would be so drawn to it, that the human could not resist climbing upon its back. Upon doing so, magic would bind the human to the horse so there was so escaping it, and the Kelpie would then return to the deep depths of the water with the human upon its back thus drowning them.

     A kelpie also had magical powers though, which would lead to a human seeking them out because if the Kelpie could be captured, the human could then wield its powerful magic. A Kelpie could be captured by the use of a special bridle, and who ever controlled the bridle could control the Kelpie. There is a Scottish family, the MacGregors, who are rumored to possess a Kelpie bridle.

     The origin of the Kelpie myth is unclear, however most scholars agree that the legends served as a warning to children to stay away from dangerous water, and to wary travelers not to trust strange horses. 

     The color palette I envisioned for the Kelpie Collection uses blues and greens for the algae and weed filled waters, black and white for the horse’s coloring, and a little bit of purple to represent its magic. Stones used in this collection are: Chrysocolla, Amazonite, Moonstone, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Onyx, Gem Lepidolite, Purple Labradorite, Ammonite Fossils, and perhaps most exciting - Enhydros! 

The collection will be available on Sunday 6/27 at 7pm EST - get early access at 6:30 if you’re on the email list :)

*Artist not found for photo credit - please contact if you know who to credit

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