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Goddess of the Sun & Moon

Fantasy jewelry inspired by Irish mythology


     August’s collection is inspired by an Irish goddess, Étaín (pronounced ay-deen). She lived a very long life of over 1,000 years and became the goddess of both the sun and the moon, along with becoming a symbol for rebirth and transformation.
     Étaín’s story begins in her mythical homeland, “the land of youth” where she was a White Lady of the Fae. Étaín was said to be the most beautiful in all of Ireland, and caught the attention of prince Midir whom she fell in love with and married. Midir’s first wife became jealous of Étaín and used magic to turn her into a pool of water which then turned into a worm and then eventually a fly. Midir’s first wife then summoned a storm which swept Étaín in her fly form out to sea where she was lost for nearly 1,000 years. Eventually, she landed into a drinking cup and was swallowed by a woman who then became pregnant and gave birth to Étaín in a human form. Reborn mortal, she escaped the curse of Midir’s first wife and again grew into the most beautiful woman in Ireland and ended up marrying the high king.
     Many years a later, Midir once again finds Étaín and goes to the king to win her back. After a series of board games and battles, Midir is reunited with Étaín and they turn into Swans to escape the king and return to their homeland together.
    This is just a brief summary of her legend as the full thing is extremely long. But her story is to show us that through challenges and storms we can transform to overcome hardship and still remain true to our essence.
     The jewelry collection I have put together for Étaín uses inspiration pulled from her identity as a Sun and Moon goddess, a White Lady of the Fae, and her symbols of the Swan and water. Stones used are Sunstone and Moonstone forming as 1, regular Sunstones and Moonstones, White Scolecite, blue Labradorite, Plume Agate, and blue Sapphire.

Collection launch is 8/29 at 7 pm EST (6:30pm if you're on the email list)

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