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Angel Aura Spirit Quartz - more purple (you choose)

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These are even more gorgeous in person! For some reason its really hard to capture these in the photo. These are angel aura Spirit Quartz - they are natural Spirit Quartz crystals which have gone through a process where the crystals became molecularly bonded with Platinum - the precious metal gives the crystals an amazing iridescent, sparkly finish. 

Please choose which necklace you would like. LEFT to Right is  A, B, & C

The chains are about 18inches long.

if you would like a different chain length please leave a note at checkout or email me immediately after purchase at Please consider measurements carefully.


How Its Made: Each stone is handpicked to meet my standards of excellent quality. Ring bands and many other connective parts are hand formed and are then sculpted onto the stone with a permanent epoxy. In the areas where I would like metal to be, I paint each piece with an electrically conductive paint. The next step is to put a removable, protective covering on all stones. The necklace will then go through a process where it is submerged into an acid bath and the areas with the conductive paint will begin to grow a super strong layer of 100% pure copper. This growth process takes 12 - 36 hours for each piece and is monitored during the process. After this is done, each piece is one by one hand polished, cleaned, oxidized, polished again, and then given a clear protective coating. After they are all dry and finished, they are ready to be added to high quality, beautiful chains :)