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Stones for Autumn

Emily Moccero

Posted on September 27 2019

Stones for Autumn

 Pictured above: Carnelian Rings

Stones for Autumn

This week we celebrated our Earth’s Autumnal equinox. The day of the equinox was a day of equal light and dark, and the synchronicity of sun and moon energies set the scene for us to focus on finding balance and harmony in our lives this season. Autumn is the time to navigate transitions, have gratitude, and reflect on your goals and progress with them so far through the year. Now is the time to work hard to tie up loose ends before Winter which brings us a time of hibernation and rest. When we think of Autumn we picture seeking warmth, warm colors, glorious harvest, and plenty of gratitude. Just as the leaves begin to change, we too must also face transitional moments with strength and confidence.

Stones and crystals are often associated with different seasons. Below is a brief list of different ones which energies align with our Fall season:

- Carnelian: A type of chalcedony with exceptional fiery red and orange coloration. Keywords: Stability, motivation, creativity, courage, action. 
- Aventurine: A member of the quartz family, it is most commonly green in color with variable amounts of shimmer. Keywords: Luck, abundance, working through issues
- Sapphire: A member of the Corundum family which can come in many colors. Keywords: Celestial, wisdom, release tension, balance, serenity.
- Moonstone: A member of the feldspar family. Keywords: Goddess energy, healing, intuition, inner strength.
- Sunstone: A member of the feldspar family. Keywords: Vitality, good nature, workplace crystal, alignment.
- Tiger’s Eye: A member of the chalcedony family. Keywords: Focus, protection, good luck, mental clarity. 

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