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The Lady of the Lake

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This is a HUGE incredible Rainbow Moonstone with Black Tourmaline. This piece is really unique how the tourmaline surrounds the flash of the moonstone, so the center of the stone has a blue flash in the light or is white in other light.

The copper goes just around the sides of this piece, so the back is open as well. *There is a slight discount on this piece because on the back the metal lifts away from the stone slightly. The last photo shows the back of the piece, and it is hard to see. It doesn't impact the wearability of the piece but I wanted to discount it anyway*

The pendant is about 2.75 inches long, the chain is about 16 inches long.

if you would like a different chain length please leave a note at checkout or email me immediately after purchase at Please consider measurements carefully. *I am out of this thick chain, so if you need a longer length a different chain will be substituted*


How Its Made: Each stone is handpicked to meet my standards of excellent quality. Ring bands and many other connective parts are hand formed and are then sculpted onto the stone with a permanent epoxy. In the areas where I would like metal to be, I paint each piece with an electrically conductive paint. The next step is to put a removable, protective covering on all stones. The necklace will then go through a process where it is submerged into an acid bath and the areas with the conductive paint will begin to grow a super strong layer of 100% pure copper. This growth process takes 12 - 36 hours for each piece and is monitored during the process. After this is done, each piece is one by one hand polished, cleaned, oxidized, polished again, and then given a clear protective coating. After they are all dry and finished, they are ready to be added to high quality, beautiful chains :) 

Please be sure to read the FAQ + Care Info.