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Bottle Tag - Love you lots!

Bottle Tag - Love you lots!


High quality letter press printed bottle tag made by our friend Megan over at Typothecary.  Typothecary uses letter press machines from the 1800's to make all kinds of cool stuff just a few blocks away from our store!


About the Artist:  Just 4 blocks away from our store, Typothecary Letter Press has a studio filled with antique letter press machines from the 19th and early 20th century, each one with it's own back story. Our friend Megan uses these machines to manufacture her graphic designs into greeting cards, invitations, posters, and more.
There is a certain sentimental magic to a machine that has been in the service of loving artisans for over a century, and that magic is pressed into the paper at the studio. If you want to tell someone special that they aren't disposable to your life, a Typothecary card will deliver it.

Typothecary is available for custom work, reach out to her if you are interested in something special, like wedding invitations.

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