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Angel Aura Spirit Quartz - Large

Angel Aura Spirit Quartz - Large


These Spirit Quartz points have gone through the Angel Aura process, which means that a molecular bond of Platinum has permanently bonded to the surface of the crystals to create a gorgeous, sparkly rainbow shine.

Spirit quartz are also known as "cactus quartz" and come from South Africa. They are natural crystals and often times are a variety of Amethyst. These natural crystals have been given Angel Aura with the precious metal Platinum. This is a high quality aura.

** you will receive ONE of the crystals shown in the group photos. Your crystal is randomly chosen for you from the crystals shown. Most of the crystals in this grouping are points, some are slightly more like clusters. All are beautiful.

The size range for these is approx. 32mm-44mm.