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Forest Healer

Forest Healer




Gemstones: Hematite included quartz cluster with Prehnite, Vera Cruz Amethyst, Star Ruby

This piece is one in a 4 part series I’ve created using naturally shed deer antlers along side amazing high quality raw crystal specimens. This one features a really beautiful quartz/prehnite cluster. There are reddish speckles in the quartz point which comes from an inclusion of hematite. The green crystals are Prehnite which is known to be the Healer’s Stone. On top of the antler there is a fantastic Vera Cruz amethyst specimen, and the antler is also adorned with a star ruby which has a lovely reflection. 

The pieces in this collection are completely wearable but are also art pieces and should be treated and stored with care.

The pendant is about 3.25 inches long.
It is hung on a super study, 18 inch chain. If you would like a different chain length please leave me a note at checkout or send me an email immediately after purchase to


 How Its Made: Each stone is handpicked to meet my high standards, and is then carefully positioned with special attention paid to color, gemstone flash, angle, and how it will hang on the body. Ring bands and many other connective parts are hand formed and are then sculpted onto the stone with a permanent epoxy. In the areas where I would like metal to be, I paint each piece with an electrically conductive paint. The next step is to put a removable, protective covering on all stones. The necklace will then go through a process where it is submerged into an acid bath and the areas with the conductive paint will begin to grow a super strong layer of 100% pure copper. This growth process takes 12 - 36 hours for each piece, and I am sure to make adjustments along the way. After this is done, each piece is one by one hand polished, cleaned, oxidized, polished again, and then given a clear protective coating. After they are all dry and finished, they are ready to be added to high quality, beautiful chains :) 

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