Large Amphibole Crystal Point Necklace

Large Amphibole Crystal Point Necklace

$98.00 $110.00

This necklace features a LARGE polished Amphibole Quartz point. "Amphibole" is the name for the various mineral inclusions found in the clear quartz - this type of crystal also goes by the name "angel phantom" quartz because the wispy reddish inclusions sometimes look like angel wings. It is a rare variety of quartz, so that makes it extra special!

The point itself looks like one large point, but on the front of the piece you can see a little indentation (NOT a chip) where it looks like the crystal had started forming off into a second point, also known as a twin.

The chain on this beauty is about 18 inches long, and the pendant is about 2.5 inches long.

If you would prefer a different chain length, please contact me prior to purchasing so I can make sure I have the chain available.

It is handmade by me using the electroforming process which takes several days to complete.

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